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Logo Style Guide

General Information
  • The logo lock-up is the combination of Keystone, the logotype and the department name as a single unit. The proportions of this unit should be altered in any way. 
  • The keystone is the most recognizable aspect of the commonwealth brand and should not be altered in any way from the formatted design. The graphic treatment inside the Keystone is used to represent individual departments within the Commonwealth brand. This representation can use an image, text, or abstract shape. When used alone, the Keystone is an icon. The Keystone icon itself should not be altered in approved design or ratio. 
  • The logo will be used "left-aligned" with the icon to the left and text to the right, "center-aligned" with the icon in the middle and the accompanying text beneath the icon, and as the icon only without associated text. 
Font & Text Information
  • "Pennsylvania" is set in Felbridge Bold. The template font size is the equivalent to 27 pt. The tracking between the letters is zero. All letters are lowercase. 
  • The department name is Felbridge Regular and always appears in all caps. 
  • If you do not have the fonts available, please use Tahoma or Ariel. If selected, we will substitute with approved font types.
  • The text location, text colors, and the font size of the text should all remain unchanged. 
Commonwealth of PA Logo Examples


Logo Color Information

The color palette for the Keystone Icons is limited to five main colors. The color palette includes:

  • PMS Blue 281
  • PMS Light Blue 542
  • PMS Gold 1245
  • PMS Green 356
  • PMS Red 1805 


  • The colors in the palette are to be the only colors used in the logo. 
  • Combinations of colors from the approved color palette can be used. Do not use any tints of the palette colors. 
  • Unapproved colors are not permitted in the logo. 
  • The logo may be represented in two-colors, one color, black and white or knocked out in white when set against a darker background. 
  • The two-color version of the logo is its truest form and is preferred whenever possible. 

Logo Template Download

More Info
  • While we encourage creative illustrative designs, clip art should not be used
  • A logo's interior elements must be identifiable at as small as 16x16 pixels, and scale-up without bit mapping to 1800 x 1800 pixels.
  • A logo should not be used without the keystone icon (i.e. text only). 
  • The logo should not be stretched or condensed. 
  • Any graphics should not exceed the boundary of the keystone. 
  • The logo should not have a drop shadow, glow, or other effects applied.