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​Green Features of The Governor's Residence

Green features of the Governor's Residence interior and grounds include: 

  • Rain barrels. The Residence utilizes several rain barrels placed strategically throughout the property to reuse and prevent stormwater runoff.

  • Solar panels on the south-facing roof of Residence. The panels provide not only a source of clean electricity to the Residence but also an uninterrupted power supply of renewable energy for critical communications systems.

  • Ground source heat pump (GSHP) system, which replaced existing electric resistance heating. GSHP systems, also called geothermal heat pumps, concentrate existing heat, rather than burning fossil fuels to release energy. The GSHP system provides heat as well as supplemental cooling to the Residence.

  • Reduction of paper products where possible. This includes a major reduction in the use of paper plates, paper and plastic cups, and bottled water daily at events held at the Residence. 

  • Recycling of glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard.

  • Herb and vegetable gardens. The Residence is currently home to an herb garden and raised vegetable beds, the produce from which is used for cooking at the Residence.

  • Hydroponic garden. To address the need for fresh herbs and vegetables that do not grow well on the Residence grounds or are needed for events in harsh winter months, Residence staff recently built an indoor hydroponic garden.

  • Working and observation beehives. In additional to honey-producing beehives, the Residence installed observation beehives in 2017 so children can view the honey-making process and learn how important bees are to the environment and how the honey for culinary purposes at the Residence.